2020 Doctor Conferences Hawaii

Join us with our team and earn the CME Credits by partaking in
the Doctor Conferences Hawaiiheld on

August 3-6, 2020 at The Best Four Season Resort Hawaii.

August 3-6, 2020 at The Best Four Season Resort Hawaii.

14-18, 2020 at the Magnificent Grand Wailea Resort, Hawaii .

Grand Summit Hotel at the Canyons Resort, Hawaii.

April 5, 2020 at The Pelican Hill Resort, California.


  • I like the physician conference very much and I like the sessions as well as training professionals. The conference is excellent and valuable to me. I have learned a lot about health care now.

  • CME conference was really a good and helped me in various ways. I have learned a lot after attending this Medical Education conference. Each and every course covered was simply superb and the course methods were excellent.

  • I was entirely gratified with the CME sessions. I got a CME certificate and it was really very good. I was very happy after attending this conference. Overall I’m satisfied.

  • Entire course sessions were nice. I have got right guidance and concepts from the presenter. The classes were explained properly and guidance was also good related to both sports and surgeries. Really a very nice experience.

  • I have attended this orthopedic conference this month and the sessions were optimum and I am overall happy now. In my viewpoint the conference is good and helpful. Overall the conference sessions are perfect.

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