2019 primary care conference maui

Greetings! Join us for The 2019 Primary Care Conference Maui California– Care giving for both the inactive and active Patients, November 5-9, 2019. The conference is held at The Finest Barb's condo in Kihei, which is a fine location surrounded by the wonderful beaches within short driving or walking distance.
Who can attend this conference? Primary care conferences is a well-intentioned educational conference valued for medical professionals, physical therapists, nurse practitioners and general physicians who care for active and inactive patients to live a healthy lifestyle. The conference is especially focused for the primary care health providers who want to get a good career and have a mindset to improve their profession, can take part in this conference. Furthermore child care experts, pediatricians, physician Assistants and internal medicine, pediatric consultants who want Continuing Medical Education can also partake in this conference to gain the most benefits.

Beneficial conference: This conference will provide thorough knowledge about primary health care, Internal Medicine that you can apply in your profession. Topics covered include general patient care, child care, pediatrics, internal medicine, physical complications that affect patients and teenage groups. This conference keenly focuses on providing information about disease identifying methods and handling health related bodily complications; so you can properly care your patients and give them an active life. Learn more details about emergency medicine, pediatrics, recent developments in primary care medicine are also included in this workshop. About the primary care workshop The primary care conference is a 5 day course beneficial for all health care providers. It allows various health and general well-being topics appropriate for your colleagues and friends. Special workshop conferences are conducted to study more about primary care, CME opportunities, and latest developments in primary health care. In this workshop provides several activities are included in order to make to learn deep about care giving and entertained classes are also available during the sessions. You will CME certification after the completion of the workshop. We invite you to join this conference with your, colleagues friends and associates who will get better knowledge about primary health care. Workshop location Our home location for the primary care conference is The Great Barb's condo in Kihei, it is a perfect location with all wonderful beaches and resorts situated. The unique location is best to gain knowledge, amuse and taste delicious foods.
Wonderful Great Barb's condo Resort Rates
  • Standard View: $265.00
  • Pool View: $325.00
  • Partial Ocean View: $355.00
  • Deluxe Ocean View: $395.00

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